Case Pork Roll 1.5 LB. Roll


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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 3.5 × 3.5 in

4 reviews for Case Pork Roll 1.5 LB. Roll

  1. Raymond Moore

    We love to be able too get the Case Pork Roll because we live in Tennessee and can’t get it my wife lived in New Jersey when she was young and said there is none better

  2. lspaulding (verified owner)

    OMG never realized how much I missed this since moving from Jersey, glad my daughter still lives there.

  3. Mary L Sprouse-Skokowski

    I have ordered in the past. Plan on doing so again soon. Cannot get here in NC………………..Miss it. Love it, grew up on it in Trenton.

  4. Bill Mirabelli (verified owner)

    I grew up around the corner from Cases on Ashmore Ave. As a Kid we used to climb on the it roof to cross over to Franklin St.
    When I move away to college, Mom and Dad always mailed Pork Roll. Life couldn’t get any better. Still remember the Hickory Smell in the evening outside our small bedroom. I had Taylors Pork Roll. However, it will not compare to Case’s quality and Taste.

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